John Carlisle: Social Enterprise and Collaboration

Establishing a Culture of Economic Solidarity 

Some key points:

  • Reject an economic (only) culture.
  • Must be cooperative.
  • Need to understand how business works.

John also talks about Deming. And Continuous Improvement. And how that reduces costs. And it creates happier people – as no one likes to do rework.

Key Video Quote IMO:

“Let the work be done by the people who know it best and not over manage and not make decisions for them that they can make for themselves – and that creates tremendous self esteem in people. It respects people by doing that.”

The video is 7:15 minutes in length.

Video Published on Jan 12, 2016
John Carlisle discusses the need to focus on customer service in social enterprises.
He also discusses his appreciation of the term ‘solidarity economy’, as used as the international conference ‘Universities developing social entrepreneurship
through cross-sector collaboration at York St John University in Sept 2015.

John Carlisle

John is a consultant, mentor, writer, facilitator, teacher and  government advisor.


His 1989  book: Beyond Negotiation became the “manual” for partnerships with suppliers and contractors by the likes of  Xerox, Motorola, Chrysler and Exxon Chemicals.  

His model of collaborative negotiation training was applied (mainly by others) in over twenty countries for thousands of participants, ranging from buyers and sales people to company Vice Presidents. 

John Carlisle himself trained over 100 HMG Under- and Deputy Secretaries, as well as top business people.  John has an ability to enable collaboration to emerge from the most politicised and highly charged situations.



By John Carlisle – December 2013

Reconnecting After All These Years

It’s been since the mid 1980s since we last talked. But yesterday I found a comment from John on a post – see the next header – that I had done in early 2014. He had replied in November 2016 – and somehow I missed that comment.

So I emailed him yesterday and we swapped several emails.

Ah – the magic of the Internet and Social Media,

My Past Post About John Carlisle:

My 1st Friday Favorite Guru Series: John A. Carlisle

I met John in 1981 when I was working at MTEC – Motorola’s Training & Education Center in Schaumburg IL and he was with Huthwaite in Sheffield England. I was assigned a Negotiations Program – Win Win – for our Purchasing Agents, Sales people, and Government Programs negotiators.

I got a chance to follow him around the Sheffield England area for a long week back in those days…1981. We spent a couple of nights at the Studley Priory, pictured below – from Wikipediafounded some time before 1176 in the hamlet of Studley in what is now the village of Horton-cum-Studley, 7 miles (11 km) northeast of Oxford in Oxfordshire, England.

For more of that post from 2014 – please go here.

John Is Still Winning in the Art of Win-Win


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