L&D: Provide a Bridge/ Walkway/ Path for Novice Performers

And Get Out of the Way for Experienced Performers

And don’t confuse YOUR ROLE with the ROLE of their MANAGEMENT.

New – or Novicelearners/Performers – need guidance – as they generally don’t know what they know, don’t know and need to know.

You can help them learn THAT – in conjunction with their management and their management’s Master Performers – as management often does not know.


Otherwise they sink versus swim – so to speak.

Performance Support – Includes Training

Or Learning and/or Knowledge Management – whatever your Enterprise likes to call it.

Sometimes the learners/Performers can learn in the moment the Performance Context demands that they Perform.

But sometimes THAT is just too late. Figure out the difference sooner rather than later. With their management – and their current Master Performers.


Climbing the Learning/Performing Curve

How long will the Target Audiences need guidance?

That’s a question that the current crop of Master Performers can help you determine.

But … Don’t … Just … Ask … One … of … Them.


Get a Consensus determination – and know that while that might not turn out to be exactly right – it’ll be closer (typically) than the opinion of just one person – no matter how much they themselves have mastered the Performance.

Ind Contrib

Master Performers

Master Performers need a lot less formal learning – unless it’s about new stuff coming down the pike.

Give them access to ResourcesIF their management hasn’t done that already.

That’s the job of management – not L&D.

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