L&D: Climbing the Performance Analysis Learning Curve – Part 3

This Not a Step Per Se

It’s a positioning.

Of analysis – using AoPs and Performance Model charts – at a higher level than a Task, Task-set(s) of a Job or a Process. Those were covered in Part 1 and Part 2 .

What if you needed to analyze an entire department or a function?

Here is my model for that … groupings of AoPs.

EPPA - Building Block View - Department

In L&D or T&D or a Knowledge Management department or function these Super AoPs exist at the Leadership level and the Core level and at the Support level.

A Super AoP may include many AoPs. Which I have grouped into the 3 sets of the model above.

Don’t confuse the grouping with a hierarchy – because I have found that Senior Managers focus more on Leadership AoPs. and Middle Managers focus on Support AoPs, and First Line Supervisors focus on the Core AoPs.

But – as always – it depends.

The Core Processes to be planned, assigned, managed and trouble-shot – might be:

  • Product Line Planning
  • Product Line ADDIE-like Development (or SAM or SAT)
  • Product Line Deployment/Access

So you would add those too – a 4th grouping if you will.

And maybe you also offer Services as well as tangible and digital products. Add those in too.

As always – it depends.



Look at Your Organization Chart This Way

As a network of departments of AoPs. And not every department or function does all of the Super AoPs.

Say it with me now: as always – it depends.


AoP Branches from Enterprise to Division to Business Unit to Function to Department

Your Enterprise and focus might differ.

And againas always – it depends. 

It depends on the number of levels in your Enterprise and otherwise how it is structured.

EPPI Tier 1 View

In every level and every box – it’s all about Performance Competence … and that is not “as always – it depends.”


The Big Picture of Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

I’ve learned – was taught by people and by experience – to start Analysis of the Process itself – before the Human enablers and the Environmental enablers.

Or of you prefer: the Environmental enablers and then the Human enablers.

Either way.

But IMO/IME start with the Process. Another not “as always – it depends.”


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