L&D: A Data Logic for ISD

The Data Feeds From Analysis to Design & Development

Note – not every data connection is displayed.

PACT Data Logic.png


Target Audience data (not shown) enables generation of Performance data

Performance data enables generation of Knowledge/Skill data.

Performance data and Knowledge/Skill data enables generation of T&D Assessment data.

CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

CAD efforts produce T&D/L&D Paths – or Performance Competency Development Paths.

CAD efforts DO NOT create any new content. They rationalize the needs with existing content and spec (specify) the gaps into Modules and Events in a logical, suggested sequence – for adaptation by the learner/Performer and their management (or however that is intended to occur).


All of the Analysis data feeds CAD efforts and the generation of Module Specs (think: chapters) and Event Specs (think: books).

Modules later convert to Lessons in MCD – enabling reconfiguring them if the gaps in content are deemed worthy of funding acquisition/development efforts.

Otherwise they’ll exist as Unstructured OJT (my language/term for Informal Learning that preceded that nomenclature).

Analysis data also confirms the worthiness of Existing Content for ReUse “As Is” or “After Modification” or “Not Applicable” (for this effort – may be fine for others.


MCD – Modular Curriculum Development

MCD efforts produce new content. Think ADDIE – or SAM – or SAT, etc.


As MCD efforts build/buy Content – Instructional or Informational – of any/every Media and Mode – the Inventory must be updated. Version Control is an issue.

As MCD efforts potentially ReUse Content – “As Is” or “After Modification” – Content Variation … the engineering Target Audiences’ version might be slightly different than the sales Target Audiences’ version …  if authenticity is as important to you as it should be … another type of Version Control is another issue.

ReUse Event Map and 5-Tier Inventory

Content can vary slight or more – as appropriate – and versions between Target Audiences may not follow the same cadence.

As always it depends. And that is subject to change.


And for Those Not Getting the CAD and MCD Efforts?

Not all Target Audiences are critical enough to warrant serving their needs for authentic Content.

That’s just the way it is.

Push-Pull and The 5 Tier Content Inventory Framework

Content So while less than ideal – depending on your policies and practices – the Content acquired/created for the most critical Target Audiences can be made available to others.

Not ideal – but perhaps real. And subject to change.

# # #


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