Remembering My 1982 Award: The FAT ENCHILADA Award

I was given this award on my last day at MTEC – Motorola’s Training & Education Center.


My most coveted award from 1982 reads:

Let it be known to all who read that

Guy Wallace

Fm As Tyrant,

Encountering No Client, Has Incredibly, Loosely Approximated our Design Activities

and is hereby awarded this coveted



Let it be known that on this 22nd day of October, in the year of our Manufacturing

Functional Manager 1982, an eternal flame was lit in your name at the tomb of the

Unknown Client.


And if truth be told… I believe that this was mostly or completely written by John Coné, a fellow TPS – Training Project Supervisor at MTEC at the time – back in the day. Before MTEC became Motorola University.

Back when we were a boutique Training and Performance Improvement organization. The place where eventually 6 Sigma came about. The place was always all about that … Performance thing. Ala Rummler … and others.

Because it’s more than just being about Training or Learning.

It’s about Enterprise Performance.

It’s all about THAT.


A 2nd and 3rd Helping of Fat Enchiladas

A Past Post with more of the backstory from 2015 may be found – here.

And again in 2016 – here.

# # #


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