November 1 – My 35th Anniversary As a Consultant

November 1, 1982

I left Motorola’s Training & Education Center (MTEC) in October 1982 and joined Ray A. Svenson and my (then) wife Karen Kennedy Wallace in Ray’s firm: R. A. Svenson & Associates.

My Business Card from 1982…


My Calendar Page From That Day

I had to set up my insurance, and then catch a flight to Houston with Ray Svenson (RIP) and our Exxon USA Exploration clients to help two of their training staff create a template and two example “Modules” for the Curriculum Architecture Design – my first of the 75 I have done.

But that evening after we arrived, Ray and I presented to the Houston Chapter of NSPI (now ISPI). The topic was the Group Process for Job Modeling – that soon became Performance Modeling as we soon started doing this for functional teams and process teams.


A Past Post in 2012 About This Anniversary – here.

A Past Post from 2012 about that first Curriculum Architecture Design effort – which I had done for Ray’s consulting firm months before I had left Motorola – here.

My Current Business Card


2 sided.

Note that the cards are being updated as I recently got my business email back – a subject for a future Blog Post.

But either email address will work.

# # #

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