L&D: Learning is Sometimes an Event and Sometimes a Series of Events

The Trigger

A pleasant exchange on LinkedIn the other day has caused me to think some more about my reaction to the statement: “Learning is not an Event.

That’s not true, IMO. Not always.

My response was: “It’s a Series of Events.

Which isn’t always true, either.

As always it depends…


Paths of Modular Events

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

As Rigorous as Required and As Flexible as Feasible

Module Inventory Framework

Increasing ReUse

For both PUSH and PULL Target Audiences.

Or … you leave it to chance.

You Get What You Pay For

The other day I had to link my business email to my Gmail Account – something I had done years and years ago – and now needed to do again. It’s one of those LOOK IT UP – USE IT – and then FORGETABOUTIT. And I must have.

Learning in the moment of need. Or rather, PERFORM in the moment of need. And then – FORGETABOUTIT.


I again – years later – just the other day – went online to find Performance Support – what we used to call Job Aids – or like me (sometimes) Performance Aids – resources from Google and elsewhere. Because I had FORGOTABOUTIT.

What I found was out-of-date guidelines that no longer worked.

You get what you pay for.

Content Maintenance – Or Lack Thereof

That’s the trouble – IMO – with Resources out there in the WWW – and with too many Courses in an Enterprise Content Architecture – is that they are not maintained.

No pruning is done. No updating is done.

They just gather into searchable piles … and then force folks like me into a Trial & Error Mode. Try Try Again. And Again. And Again.

I dislike that.

Where Is the Content Manager?

Or for Learning Content – what I call the Curriculum Manager.

Note – I’m a traditionalist for the most part – and find myself having to embrace the new language slapped on top of older language sometimes – even though I believe that there’s no difference between the intended meaning.

But some people just gotta re-lable things to make it seem new and exciting. A marketing ploy IMO. Sometimes necessary to run and hide from the sins of our collective past – as a professional field.

They need to KEEP EVERGREEN all the content – or better yet – provide a way for users to tag old stuff for elimination consideration. Or Maintenance Budgeting Planning, and Doing.

pactinstructiondeploymentmodesandexamples (2)

As I have asked in the past:

What Happens When Best Practices No Longer Are?

Resources From Me

The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook includes content on the ECA – the Enterprise Content Architecture – as do many of my Blog Posts. Search on ECA.

Here is but one of 4 sides of the Box of Content that the ECA is.


These 2011 books are updates and a reconfiguration of content from my prior books, articles and blog posts.

PACT 6 Pack

For more info on these and other books – please go – here.

It’s All About Performance Competence

Some Tasks are easy to learn. Others … are not so easy.

As always – It depends.


# # #


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