L&D: Performance Improvement – Beyond Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management

Leveraging Performance Isn’t Always About Learning

Learning is only 1 of 12 Variable-sets in Enterprise Process Performance – and in making Improvements. And then there’s the Process itself.

It does however – get involved – in helping with the implementation of almost all of the other variables’ improvement initiatives. Learning is often required as an enabler of Process Improvement efforts – Change Management efforts – involving:

  • Process ReDesign
  • Organization & Job Systems ReDesign
  • Staffing & Succession Systems ReDesign
  • Recruiting & Selection Systems ReDesign
  • Training & Development Systems ReDesign
  • Compensation & Benefits Systems ReDesign
  • Reward & Recognition Systems ReDesign


  • Data & Information Systems ReDesign
  • Materials & Supplies Systems ReDesign
  • Tools & Equipment Systems ReDesign
  • Facilities & Grounds Systems ReDesign
  • Budget & Headcount Systems ReDesign
  • Culture & Consequences Systems ReDesign

My EPPI Model

The Big Picture – so to speak…

Side 1


Side 2


The EPPI Fishbone

This is, of course, an adaptation of the Ishikawa Diagram…


The Fishbone (either version) is used as a diagnostic tool – from the world of Total Quality Management. The Ishikawa is from Japan in the 1950s.

I use a Performance Model Format to capture the Process/Performance and a set of Enabler Matrices to capture the Enablers.

Gaps in Performance … Require a Change to the Process Itself At Times

And/or – at the enabler level.


Examples of Improvement Initiatives

This is, of course, only a partial list.


My Approach – EPPI – Is Covered In My 2011 Book 6 Pack

I suggest that one moves first from improving their approach/methods/tools/practices (etc.) to become more Performance-based – and then extending into Performance Improvement.


And – first earn the name change – before making the name change.

The 6 Pack…


For more information on these and a few of my other books, please go – here.

Final Watchwords

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

# # #

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