L&D: Minimizing the Need for Unlearning Before Learning

Head ‘Em Off At the Pass

Where the “Pass” is the entry point into a new job.

Ask any Coach, Instructor or Teacher:

How often do they find that the learner needs to unlearn bad practices, concepts, etc., first … before learning good practices, concepts, etc.?

Because what we know often gets in the way of what we should know. Or be able to do.


As we all should know by now – Informal Learning happens all of the time.

It even happens in the midst of Formal – whether that’s the 20 or 10 in the 70-20-10 Reference Model – that I have flipped to be a 10-20-70 Framework on a Learning Life Cycle/Learning Curve.

I Blogged about that recently – here.


Whether what is intended to be learned/taught – is a sport – or a business practice – the best way to approach it is to get to the learner SOONER rather than LATER.

That’s why I contend that well done, Performance-based 10 should precede most of the 20 – which should precede most of the 70. In an ideal sense.

To avoid more Unlearning … through “Heading “Em Off At the Pass.”


In my view, flipping the 70-20-10 to become 10-20-70 is more in alignment with the Flow that is required … to minimize Unlearning.

If … one needs to keep the numbers …  which I would prefer are dropped.

But as I only get one vote – and the model is too well known – I’ll avoid the Sisyphus Trap – and work with it.


And… I’ll practice what I preach…


I hope that this helps to minimize your need for future Unlearning.

Your thoughts?

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