L&D: Bob Mosher on “From Instruction to Performance: Meeting All Five Moments of Learning Need” – LT2016 Conference

If one name is synonymous with performance support it is Bob Mosher. Bob has long promoted the idea of thinking of performance first, and training second, if at all.

In this session he explores the 5 Moments of Learning Need that he identified together with his partner Dr. Conrad Gottfredson. This goes well beyond job aids. This vision of performance support will alter your view of the purpose of L&D itself.

Chair: Sheena D Whyatt, Award-winning Trainer and Entrepreneur From instruction to performance: Meeting all five moments of learning need Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist, APPLY Synergies Many learning solutions fail to meet the organisation’s expectations because in reality they aren’t true ‘learning’ solutions — many ‘blended’ learning solutions are actually blended training solutions! This results from a misunderstanding of all the learning moments our learners face.

This session will help you broaden your understanding of the 5 Moments of Learning Need to help you offer a true performance-based learning solution covering all 5 moments.

• Moving from blended training to Targeted Learning • Changing from a training first mind set to a performance first mind set • Maturing the ‘ADDIE’ model to the ‘ENABLE’ model through performance support • Measuring ROI at Kirkpatrick’s levels 3 and higher • Truly enabling the “70″ in the “70-20-10” model

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