L&D: Enabling Better 70 in the Flipped 10-20-70 Model

Yeah – I Flipped It

How to Enable that 70?


Why Did I Flip It?

See these 5 posts from the past:

L&D: The Learning Life Cycle – Learning Curve Model of 10-20-70

L&D: Minimizing the Need for Unlearning Before Learning

L&D: All Learning Starts as Informal. All. 100%.

My View Re: The Reference Model 70:20:10

70-20-10? … As Always – It Depends.

BTW – I like the model – but IMO it’s nothing new.

And … I prefer Ryan Tracey’s 3E Model to one with these numbers – which can be very close to right for some jobs – and way off for other jobs.


IMO the numbers get in the way of the concept. But that’s just me.

See Ryan’s Post from February 2, 2016 where he introduces us to his 3E model – here.

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