L&D: Begin With the Formal “10” … IMO

If You Don’t Begin With the 10 

  • People could learn the wrong things from the 70
  • People could learn the wrong things from the 20

The Formal 10 – in 70-20-10 … or as I prefer it … the 10-20-70 – to present an appropriate Flow … should prepare the learner/Performer to start the job and be better prepared for the inevitable 20-70 Informal Learning that just cannot be helped.

You just don’t want the wrong lessons learned – inadvertently, of course.

Because that adds to what needs to be UnLearned before the real Learning can begin.

Formal 20 vs Informal 20

And for tricky tasks – the 20 should be both Structured and delivered/facilitated by designated Coached – sometimes Certified for that role – and sometimes not.

Otherwise any old coach just might do the trick.

It really depends on the Risks and Rewards – two sides of the same coin – and is the R in ROI.

The 70

In my writings going back to the mid-1980s on this – I referred to what has now become known as Informal Learning as Un-Structured OJT.

Named, but that’s it.

Of course – there was always additional Topics/Tasks not captured and named in my methods.

But it was always assumed that those were of little consequence.

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