L&D: Addressing Valid Needs with Content – Is a Business Decision

It Is Not An Instructional Design Decision


From my perspective.

From a Return on Shareholder Equity (the REAL “ROE“) perspective.


Just because an Instructional Designer can determine a valid Learning Need – does not in and of itself warrant meeting that need. It’s a Business Decision. Not an Instructional Design Decision. If the Enterprise decides to address it they must consider the Total Life Cycle Costs of creating/buying Content, including the costs of development/purchase, inventorying, administration, deployment/access, maintenance and sunsetting – or treat it as a one-off and sunset it as soon as it is no longer needed/valid.

Or they pay a price for keeping it available when it is no longer needed/valid. Which points to the need to better manage the inventory of Content – like a business should. In any event – the decision to address even a valid need is still a decision that should not be left to ID/L&D. IMO.

Perhaps the business costs versus benefits dictate that the potential Content should be left as Un-Structured OJT – a.k.a.: Informal Learning.

ROE IS NOT Return on Expectations

Unless those expectations are Return on Equity.

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