L&D: Performance-ication of Your Content

L&D: Performance-ication


… of your Content is more important than Gamification – but in combination will lead to better Transfer-ication.

I did that 30 years ago – back in 1987 – with the game I created for Product Managers – combining the Life Cycle model reflecting their Product Life Cycle process and terminology – and the Product Management Model I created from the Analysis conducted for the development of a Learning Path – or short and long modular T&D Events before the Keystone Event in the OnBoarding portion of the Path.

The Gameboard


The Curriculum Path

The last blue box in the 1000 Series was 8 days in length. It was the Keystone Event.

All but 2 of the other modular Events in the 1000 Series were 15-30 minute Self-Paced modules on paper or CBT – it was 1987.


The 1000 Series was the OnBoarding portion of the Path – including the Immediate Survival Skills – according to the Master Performers and clients.

The 2000 and 3000 Series were the OnGoing Development portions.

The Introductory Video (12 minutes in length)

Other Internal Marketing

My client was the Marketing organization – so doing marketing came easy to them.




Some Feedback From a Poet/Participant

1988-9 NS1251 Poem by Participant

And … the Brochure the Client and I put together celebrating our Award from NSPI (now ISPI) in 1989…

NSPI Award Brochure 1989-1990

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