Enterprise Competencies – Not All Are the Same

Enterprise Competencies – not all are the same. And what you do with them can have a big impact to your Enterprise.


Some are terminal Performance – while others are enablers of terminal Performance.  The ones you can buy can be at best … enablers.

If you hire based on them you still have a K/S need in terms of how to apply them in specific, non-generic, processes.

Those can be left to Informal Learning, Coaching (guided or not), or Formal Instruction.


They – both types – do have, of course, face validity.

What decisions are you making using these?

Here are some examples…


What’s Left To Do Afterwards – In Your Context?

Something to know before you start – IMO.


Don’t drop the ball.


Here is a Blog Post of mine from 2007 where I shared some words from the late Don Tosti on Competencies…


Modeling Mastery Performance and Systematically Deriving the Enablers for Performance Improvement – by Guy W. Wallace, CPT – Chapter 11 of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology – 3rd Edition – 2006.  25 page PDF.

Note: This methodology was first published in this 1984 article in ISPI’s (then NSPI’s) PIJ in November 1984.


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