L&D: Your Leadership Foci: Alignment

Being Aligned Is Important

Alignment to What?

To the priority needs of the Enterprise.

Align What?

Your current efforts, your Strategies, your Tactics, your Measures and your Improvements.


I organized my model using two views – both using my L-C-S – Leadership-Core-Support framework.

Here is the non-Clockface view:


Back to the Clockface View.

12 O’Clock

This is the place to start – right now. Formally is your stakeholders are complex. Less formally if not so complex.

As always – It depends.


1 O’Clock

Is your L&D Strategic Plan aligned to those of your Stakeholders?


2 O’Clock

Is your current Operations Plan and Budget aligned to your Strategic and Operational Plans of your Stakeholders?


3 O’Clock

Is your Measurement Plan aligned to your Strategic and Operational Plans of your Stakeholders?


4 O’Clock

Are your own internal Improvements Plans and activities aligned to help you meet and enable the Strategic and Operational Plans of your Stakeholders?


An Overview of the T&D Systems View Model

It is complex. But here is a relatively simple view.


Past Posts on the Leadership Areas of Performance of the Model

Part 1: 12 O’clock: The T&D Governance & Advisory System – January 2015

Part 2: 1 O’clock: The T&D Strategic Planning System –  February 2015

Part 3: 2 O’clock: The T&D Operations Planning & Management System – March 2015

Part 4: 3 O’clock: T&D Cost/Benefits Measurement System – April 2015

Part 5: 4 O’clock: T&D Process Improvement System – May 2015

All Covered in My 2001 Book


Assessment Tool – Right Out Of The Book

Here is a 31 page PDF to conduct a fairly quick assessment of the current state adequacy of those 47 processes:

TDSV Preliminary Assessment PDF

Book Review From 2001


2 Presentations

T&D Systems View – ISPI – 2000 – 46 page PDF – from the 2000 ISPI Conference – covers the T&D Systems View from Guy’s eventual 2001 book of the same name.

TDSV – ISPI Fall Conference – 2004 – 84 page PDF – covers assessing the T&D System to identify targets with worthy ROI potential.

5 Day Workshop Presentation

TDSV Assessment – 5 Day WS – 2007 – 372 page PDF – created for a 5 day workshop in Russia that never happened. Originally an aggressive/fast-paced 3-day workshop – it was extended due to anticipated language/communications issues.

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