L&D: Bolt an APPO Onto L&D Modes & Media That Cannot Provide Them

Sometimes the Chosen Deployment Mode Just Cannot Provide the APPOs Needed

And sometimes it isn’t needed – so … no harm/ no foul.

BTW – APPO – is my PACT Processes’ shorthand for Application Exercises.


Sometimes a Chain of INO-DEMO-APPO Is Needed

DEMOs and APPOs in addition to INO(s) are sometimes critical to help people Learn. You need to go beyond Informing them.

And sometimes not…

  • Simple tasks do not typically need DEMOs and APPOs
  • Straightforward tasks typically do not need DEMOs and APPOs
  • Familiar tasks do not typically need DEMOs and APPOs
  • Tweaked tasks typically do not need DEMOs and APPOs

But sometimes they do.

Understand the incoming education & experiences of the Target Audience – and the variances from one learner/Performer to another.


The INFO – tells ’em.

The DEMO – shows ’em.

And the APPO – is where they tell it and show it back. To confirm that Learning has occurred. Or begun. And should lead to additional APPOs that get harder and/or address different nuances from the authentic Performance Context.

Some Modes/Media Can Provide both Practice and Feedback


*These Modes/Media options typically can handle the APPOs needed.

And if some of the Target Audience will know these – including leveraging/using that in the design of the APPO.

So some won’t get bored. And some will get to demonstrate what they already know and help others. And that will validate your content for those who may not be so sure that what is being taught is real.

Some Modes/Media Just Cannot Provide both Practice and Feedback

Some Modes/Media sets cannot provide both DEMOs and APPOs. Some can handle DEMOS OK – but not the APPO.


Bolt-Ons Blended In Will Require the Use of an Appropriate Mode/Media

Bolt on what you need to accomplish enough Mastery to go back to the job – and continue the Learning there. With enough confidence that they won’t revert back to what they did prior. A.K.A.: Backsliding.


PACT Resources Available for DIY Learning

And, of course – these resources – will not provide you with the Authentic Practice & Feedback that might be necessary or not for your development – depending on your Education and Experience.

But perhaps you don’t/won’t need that. As always – It depends.

  • For Sale: Books – 13 books – some available as hardbound, and others as paperbacks and Kindles.
  • For Free: Audio Podcasts – including 12 on lean-ISD, 4 on T&D Systems View, 4 on Management Areas of Performance, several done with Thiagi, and others of Guy done by others – and shared here on their behalf.
  • For Free: Publications: Chapters, Articles PDFs – many of Guy’s chapters (in others’ books), and articles going back to the early 1980s available as PDFs.
  • For Free: Book PDFs – several books offered as free PDFs – and please note: most are also available “for sale” in either hardbound and/or paperback versions.
  • For Free: School of PACT Video Short Series – 55+ “video shorts” on my PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management. 
  • For Free: Video Podcasts By Guy – on various human performance improvement topics, concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques, from Guy’s toolkit.
  • For Free: Presentations – many of Guy’s presentations going back to the early 1980s available as PDFs.


Shortcut to focused resources about strickly PACT:

  • PACT Resources – a list of links to the many free and for a fee resources about The PACT Processes for ISD – Training – Learning – Knowledge Management. Mostly free stuff.

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