L&D: Focus on Tasks Not Topics

Topics Are Indeed a Means to an End

And at times a Topic/Topics may be a valid End in and of itself/themselves.

For example: a Policy change – for people already proficient in the Performance probably don’t need Task Training. They need Policy Learning.

Newbies might need Task Training/Learning – if they don’t have the prior knowledge.

As Always – It Depends.

It depends on the prior knowledge/skill of the Target Audience.

I’ve often been involved in ISD efforts where the new stuff needed 2 responses – one for the incumbents … with a short shelf life – used until all the incumbents have been caught up to the change — and one for new hires with a longer shelf life – so to speak. Whether the Response is a job aid or a self-paced set of content – or a some group-paced set of content – or some coached content.

As Always – It Depends.

If You Are Given Topics vs Tasks To Address

Try to determine how they apply to authentic Tasks and Outputs – and the Measures for each – or provide guidance on how the Learner can figure that out for themselves and then what/how to Practice – and from whom to get feedback from during and/or afterward that Practice.

slide13 (2)

Focus on the Performance – and Enable That.

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