L&D/PI: Performance Competence – That’s What It’s All About

My Definition of Performance Competence

Your definition may vary.


Stakeholders Set the Requirements

No one else. And Stakeholder Requirements in conflict – which does happen – can be balanced. And resolved.

Here is a 1995 article of mine about that:

The Customer Is King – Not! – 15 page PDF – the original version of the article published in the Journal for Quality and Participation in March 1995 – address Balancing Conflicting Stakeholder Requirements, and suggests that the Customer is Not the King of Stakeholders (despite the unfortunate slogans from the Quality movement despite Deming’s admonitions about slogans).


Enterprise Provisioning Systems Deliver Outputs and Outcomes to be Used and/or Consumed By the Processes

Assuming that the Process has been designed to meet the Stakeholder Requirements – then that Process needs to be enabled.


Determine the Outputs and Tasks and Then the Enablers


What the Human Assets Bring to the Process Party

If the phrase “Human Assets” make you uncomfortable – don’t have a cow – change it.

The phrase was in use in the 1980s and I’m trying to be consistent with my prior writings since way back then. So as to not confuse those who read those writings.


What the Environmental Assets Bring to the Process Party

These are the non-human/people assets necessary to bring a paper Process to life.


Interventions of All Types May Be Found Appropriate in Improvement Efforts

It is not simple. It is complex.


Some of My Related Books

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For more information about these 6 books and some of my other books – please go – here.

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