L&D: The L-C-S Courses & Resources Table

The L-C-S Framework

For a couple of recent Blog Posts about the L-C-S Framework for Areas of Performance – please go – here – and – here.


The L-C-S Courses & Resources Table

A simple model for a Performance Aid (Job Aid) for organizing your existing Instructional and Informational Content & Coaches follows.

The only difference department to department would be in line 11: “C-Department Processes Managed.” The 4 other “C” lines could very well be different as they relate to doing things regarding those Processes – planning work, assigning work, monitoring work and troubleshooting work.

And that’s the point of the L-C-S model above – to separate the Common/Shared Task Performance from the Unique – and so the same with the Training/Learning/Knowledge Management content.


All Courses & Resources – Instructional & Informational content in the L and S areas should be very (but perhaps not totally) sharable – and those for the C area regarding the Department Processes much less so (unless they are cross-functional).

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