L&D: My Standard Level 1 Evaluation Format From 1987

Level 1 Evaluations Sheets Are Also Known Sometimes As Smile Sheets

I had been taught in the late 1970s to focus on Performance – so I structured my Level 1 Evaluation to get perception data from Training attendees on that: Performance.

So I read with interest colleague Brett Christensen’s recent post on his use of Will Thalheimer’s guidance in Will’s book – here. Check it out!

I’d been using a format similar to the one below (graphics 3-4-5-6) since the early 1980s – but this is the earliest copy I have of a Written Evaluation – and it was called that – because I also did a Verbal Evaluation – conducted after the Written Evaluation was done and turned in at the end of the session – for ILT sessions/workshops/classes/courses/etc. Events.

The example – 4 pages – follows in a couple of graphics. It is from an ILT course I produced in 1987, after a Curriculum Architecture Design effort in 1986. It was for the Keystone Course for new hires, after a series of what would be called “Micro Learning today. This is for what I guess could be called “Macro Learning” as it was 8 days in length.


The Area of Performance Framework Use To Define the Performance

And then used to derive the enabling Knowledge/Skills.


The 8 Day Course covered all 8 areas even though some PMs did not do all 8 in their jobs. But somebody on their team did – so it was thought good for them to know that and that they could someday take a product or Product Family where they might have to do it all.

The Level 1 Evaluation

Page 1…


Page 2…


Page 3…


Page 4…


Some Of the Results From This Delivery




This Course Won an NSPI Award in 1989

NSPI is now ISPI.


Internal Client Communications & Marketing of This Course

The Path

PM T&D Path

Internal Newsletters


12 Minute Video

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