L&D: What Learners/Performers Need

Make the Visible and Invisible Known

Some Processes are visible. Most Processes are invisible. In my experience – since 1979 in the T&D/L&D profession. Further back to my first steady, paying job as a newspaper boy in 1963.


Most resources are also invisible – for most people – until they figure it out. If they figure it out.

Not everyone does, or does so in a timely enough manner.

IMO It Is the Job of the Supervisor/Manager To Address This

But L&D can help.


How can L&D help?

Performance Support – including Training/Learning and other support for the Supervisor/Manager. IMO.

Clear Expectations

No one can succeed until they figure THIS out, no? Just what is expected – is the question that all performers have.

Good Supervisors/Managers know this and address it, initially and over time.

Even when it’s a little fuzzy. Especially when it’s fuzzy


Clear Directions

Clear directions answer the: Who, What, Where, When, How and Why.


Timely Support

Performance Support. Which broadly includes Training & Development/ Learning & Development – just in case you think it’s the other way around.


Timely Feedback

Sometime it is possibly available right away – in-process. Sometimes it is not available until after the performance is done. Some is way later – so to speak.


When you are asked to address a Performance Issue (Problem or Opportunity) or the needs of new-to-the-job learners – ask about the Performance Context – and whether or not it addresses/provides:

  • Clear Expectations
  • Clear Directions
  • Timely Support
  • Timely Feedback

If not – start with those Needs.


And help the Supervisors/Managers do THEIR jobs.

They are the fulcrum, the leverage for meeting the Performance Competence Requirements.


L&D is simply an enabler of their and their teams’ performance.

Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them

# # #

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