L&D: Focus on Transfer

Transfer Is the Fulcrum

Even if the learners/Performers all loved it – and they mastered it – if it doesn’t actually TRANSFER back to the job it doesn’t really matter. And it won’t achieve the intended Results. (ROI is mostly a function of targeting.)


Neil Rackham – of SPIN Selling fame – taught me back in 1981 that just as in the case of golfers or tennis players learning the proper grip – after playing with an improper grip – that the ball won’t initially go where desired – and the first reaction of the learner/Performer is typically to revert to what previously worked.

It is up to the coach to reinforce the correct behavior until the results become self-reinforcing.

Did Your Analysis Uncover the Need For Additional Treatment in Design?

Does your Analysis and/or Design approach uncover potential barriers to learning in the first place and transfer in the second place?

If not – fix that.


Treatment in Design – Before Jumping Into Development

If you have uncovered the potential barriers – then address them directly in Design of the Instruction (Training/ Learning/ etc.) … and … the … measure Transfer after Deployment.

And Update/Revise your Content as needed.




From me:


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