L&D: When to Use Formal Collaboration vs Informal Collaboration

Not Every Collaboration Should Be Formal

Just the important ones.


How To Tell When It’s Important and When It’s Not?

  • When it could be viewed as a waste of time by busy people

And when is that not true?

No one – or very few – have time for inefficiencies in your methods or meetings. And it reflects poorly on YOU.

So … when? Most of the time.

When It’s With the Client and the Key Stakeholders

I use a GRM – Gate Review Meeting. Also known by other names/labels. Use the one that already conveys the intent and importance from your Enterprise.

My GRMs have a stated purpose, outcomes, outputs, process, agenda and key invitees – of both the customer and suppliers.


GRM Purposes

Why get the client and key stakeholders together – formally?


GRM Decisions

At the meeting’s beginning – I state declaratively – while the slide is up – these 4 Business Decisions to be made regarding the project, undertaking, effort, etc.:


Busy people like knowing the reason for their time being spent.

And it might help explain why this might take a while. In case it’s not a quick meeting – because the stakes are high.

Bottom Lines

Don’t waste people’s time. Of your Clients and Stakeholders. Of other Project Participants in other meetings. Etc. Etc.


Do your Homework. Have a Plan. Communicate that Plan.

And … Carry On.

# # #

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