L&D: Learning 10-20-70 Requires Authentic Practice & Feedback of All Likely Performance Scenarios

Causes of Mistakes Are Not Always Obvious

Help the learner/Performers see their own performance successes and shortcomings.

Put most of your 10 before most of the 20 before most of the 70 – and flip that model – to help learners/Performers avoid learning the wrong things early.


Cover All of the likely scenarios. And provide support on the rest. And then capture and share those experiences beyond that for a CI – Continuous Improvement approach – to your Content.


Provide Help Desk type resources – with or without the desks.


So much Formal Learning in the past has been so poorly done that one can easily – and mistakenly – throw that baby out with the bathwater.


Not everyone who is a coach should be.


Sufficient Practice

Is required … unless it’s just so easy-peasy – so to speak.


How to tell what’s enough Practice with Feedback?

Pilot Test your Content!

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