L&D: Creating Financial Literacy

Part of L&D Analysis

You can’t win if you don’t know how score is kept.

And what secondary financial indicators lead to the primary financial indicators.


That’s why Financial literacy is critically important … and understanding how one’s departmental metrics tie into the scoreboard.

ROE for example “is not” Return on Expectations. It’s Return on Equity. And has been in financial circles for one hundred years.

Your Enterprises Financials

There are programs out in the marketplace that will help your people learn the basics, but at the end of this Learning Journey, all should be able to review, analyze and determine areas for improvement based on YOUR Enterprise Financials.

What’s in Your Inventory?

Double Check that soon.

Other Measures to Be Literate About

It’s more than the Financials of course – but start there.

It’s a WBS

Another Set of Examples

This is how we – my two business partners and I – applied this concept to our own consulting business back in the day at SWI – Svenson & Wallace Inc.


The 1995 Newsletter Source

Please go – here for this version of Pursuing Performance – on paper – now a PDF.

And check out some of the other great articles – such as these two:

The Training Function: A Business Architecture Modeland – SWI Simulations versus Action Learning.

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