L&D: Skate to Where the Puck Is Going To Be

But Where Will That Puck Be?

No one may know for an absolute sure thing.

But your Enterprise Leaders are on the payroll to know or guess.

So – engage them – and then plan/execute accordingly.


They are concerned with the CBIs – the Critical Business Issues.

Which might be future issues – as well as current issues.

Maintaining operational excellence in key operations may be just as critical as future endeavors.

First Protect – and Then Improve the Enterprise.

So skate to where the puck is going to be – but keep a rear guard force in place to keep targeting those keep operations – mixing my metaphors – so to speak.


I believe that your engagement with the Enterprise Leaders should be more Formal than not. This is more critical than how well you do ISD.


Doing GREAT ISD on the wrong targets is a waste of Shareholder Equity.

T&D Systems View (2001)

Click on image to link to the download page for the FREE PDF:

T&D Systems View is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more information and/or to order – please go – here.

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