L&D: Predicting Our Future Is Tough

Attended a Great Session at My Local ISPI Chapter About L&D’s Future

However… remember…

Yogi Berra: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”

Matt Donovan at ISPI Charlotte

Matt gave a great presentation on “Critical Mindshift for Transforming the Learning Experience” – January 11th, 2018.


A Video Matt Used to Kick His Off Session

A two and a half minute video…

We all joked about the one remark in the video about Learning Styles – Matt was expecting me to explode out of my seat (I didn’t).

Matt used to the video to get us thinking – as much of what is in the video is possible – technology-wise.

The video BTW was uploaded to YouTube in August 2015.

Matt’s Session

Matt presented on the shifts… shifts from Efficiency to Efficacy, our client’s shifts to the 4th Industrial Revolution, shifts to more disruptions of fairly stable industries, and our need to shift to Learning 3.0 or Modern Learning.

He presented on the L&D Industry Trends.

He discussed content needing to be Relevant. Being Learner Centric. Bring the Content to the Learner and at their point of work. Slack. And much, much more.

Eye opening for many in our audience – based on the comments and questions.

You should think of getting your local affinity group to see if you can get him in to speak and talk with your local practitioners and leaders.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewseandonovan/

Back To My Local ISPI Chapter

I’ve been a member of ISPI Chapters back to September 1979. ISPI is my professional home. I joined at the International level in April 1980. I’ve served on many committees, as an officer on the Board, including President, and met gurus such as Bob Mager, Joe Harless, Geary Rummler and many, many others.

Today it’s easier to interact with thought and practice leaders than back in the day. You can get your professional booster shots more often than just annually, or monthly.

I hadn’t been back to my local chapter, one I co-founded with Dick Handshaw back in 2009 – since 2012 – so it was great to be back and see some of the old gang and many newcomers. In 2013 I spent 20 months in Toronto followed by a move 100+ miles away from the chapter, and then 6 months work in Huntsville, and then my (cough-cough) semi-retirement.

I needed a break. So I took one.

Then I needed a break from my break.

I saw that Matt was presenting and knew that I had to make the trek in to Charlotte for this one. I’ve know Matt for 10 years or so, and have even conducted a project for him. I’ve supported him and his University Case Competition at ISPI. He’s operating on the leading/bleeding edge – as that saying goes.

He did not disappoint – and I sat at the Harassment Table up front.

Then Matt and I had a late dinner at a local BBQ joint – with my long time colleagues, Gary DePaul and Don Kirkey (I’ve known both for about 30 years), and Chapter Past President Oliver Pincus. That topped off a great evening.

Then my long drive home. Reminded me of my early days at the ISPI (then NSPI) chapter in Detroit where we used to drive the 90+ miles from Saginaw to Motown monthly for that booster shot. I spent that 2 hours driving home in the rain last night reminiscing about back in the day and some of the really great people I got to meet and learn from at that Michigan chapter, the Chicago chapter and at the Charlotte chapter.

I’ll be back in May to see Bob Mosher. I’ll again be at the Harassment Table.

For those local to Charlotte NC – see the chapter website at: http://www.ispicharlotte.org/

Hope to see you there.

Support your local professional affinity group.

And meet and network with others F2F – some of whom you know only through SM.

# # #

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