L&D: Enabling Performance

Requires More Than Knowledge & Skills & Competencies

Performance Competence – at any level of the Enterprise – requires enough of the right enablers to be in place – including people with the right knowledge and skills.


My Adaptation of the Ishikawa Diagram

The key division of Process enablers is human and non-human (environmental).


Performance Analysis

With a Gap Analysis – links back to Enterprise Systems in place that should be/could be addressing and resolving any gaps.


Provisioning Systems 

I divide the enablers – and “provisioning” systems into those dealing with the humans in the processes and the non-human elements.


My Model for Organizing Processes at the Department Level

Organized into three grouping:

  • Leadership
  • Core (both Management and Team/Individual)
  • Support


In Between the Department and the Organization/ Enterprise

Like the branches of a tree…


At the Enterprise Level

Every portion of the Org Chart represents a collection of Processes – owned by and/or participated in – by that Department.


Knowledge/Skills Are But One of Twelve Variables

Including the Process itself as a key variable.


A Reference

There are many more throughout this website, but this is free and complete.


Modeling Mastery Performance and Systematically Deriving the Enablers for Performance Improvement – by Guy W. Wallace, CPT – Chapter 11 of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology – 3rd Edition – 2006.

This methodology was first published in this 1984 article in ISPI’s (then NSPI’s) PIJ in November 1984.

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