L&D: Is Your Partnership with Your Customers and Stakeholders Formal Enough?

Formal Enough To Insure That You Are Focused on the Critical Business Issues?

Or are you focused on the low-hanging fruit – so to speak? Or too much of the low-hanging fruit.

Which isn’t a problem of course, if you can afford it all. Most cannot.


Perhaps an Informal alignment is working just fine for you – and a more Formal alignment would be a bad idea.

But if a more Formal approach might help everyone come to grips with where the limited resources should be applied to leverage the returns – despite their parochial interests – then you need to address what is perhaps an invisible process and make it more viable and visible.


Every Enterprise won’t find the model that works best for them portrayed in the next graphic. But it may be a starting point in how you might engage the Enterprise at 3 levels for better success.



My presentation at ISPI from 2002 and 2003 – updated in 2010 – Voice of the Customer at 3 Levels:

VoC at 3 Levels – ISPI – 2003 – 2010  – 29 page PDF – this was an Encore Session (rated in the top 5 from the previous year) and covers Aligning to the Voice of the Customers at 3 Levels – for ISD/HPT organizations.

My 2001 Book – T&D Systems View:


For the Free PDF and other Early Reviews – and information about ordering the Paperback or Kindle – please go – here.


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