L&D: Yeah – Think Micro. But Think.

How Micro Is Micro?

Yes – micro makes sense – short-short bits of Knowledge Nuggets.

As reinforcements to battle the forgetting curve. And maybe even for some Initial/One-and-Done Learning.

But to say that I’ve been a skeptic of such thinking – going Back to “The One Minute Manager” craze back in the day – would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. And … here we go again – it seems.

Yes – Microlearning isn’t limited to just one minute – I’m just having some fun here…


Micro quizzes, tests, knowledge bits, thoughts for the day, etc. are great as follow up to Instruction.


Especially when the job itself doesn’t reinforce the learning all by itself – and – provide the corrective reinforcement needed.


Just providing feedback that you failed isn’t enough. Why and how/what to improve is very important.


Advanced learners/experts are different. Maybe micro as a strategy is great for them. Unless they are venturing into new territory.


70-20-10 or 10-20-70 

If Microlearning is in this model – it’s in the 10. Not that that’s all the reference model means by the 10.


Think Micro – But Think

Think about your own knowledge and skills as an L&D professional.


Micro isn’t the only route. It’s part of the blend, for sure.

And … lets not have experts start creating Micro bits.

Recent Posts About the Limits of SMEs Creating Content

Micro or not…



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