L&D: Sales Rep Performance & K/S Data Examples

From 1986

This Data Was Used to Create a Training & Development Path

Also known back in the day as a Development Map or Development Roadmap or a Training Blueprint.

Always with a companion Individual Development Planning Guide to create an Individual Development Plan.

I’ve provided about a quarter of the pages of both the “Performance Model” and the “Knowledge/Skills Matrices” from the 1986 Analysis Report – to give you a taste of the types of data generated – using a FGP – Facilitated Group Process.


All of the graphics from this Post on this PowerPoint ShowExamples of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data – PPT Show which you can download for easy reviewing later.

The Areas of Performance (AoPs)

Called Accomplishments back in the day – which I dropped after getting “some gas” about the format not being in the NOUN-VERB pattern – and as the Master Performers didn’t talk like that – and I didn’t want to convert THEIR LANGUAGE to mine (or rather, the language of those following Gilbert’s Accomplishments) – I dropped that label in favor of AoPs.


From the Analysis Report


Performance Model Chart Examples

Performance Model Chart Example.

Note the data was captured on double-wide flip charts in the same format as reflected in these “charts.”

Note 2: the type print – this was back in the day.


Performance Model Chart Example


Performance Model Chart Example


Performance Model Chart Example


Performance Model Chart Example


Performance Model Chart Example


Performance Model Chart Example


Performance Model Chart Example


K/S Matrices Key Codes

This was put into the Report on the pages facing the K/S Matrices so that the reviewers could see what all the columns meant.


Knowledge/Skill Matrices Examples

K/S Matrices Example – Linked back to the Performance Model.

Note the data was captured on double-wide flip charts in the same format as reflected in these “matrices.”


K/S Matrices Example


K/S Matrices Example


K/S Matrices Example


K/S Matrices Example


K/S Matrices Example


Group Feedback


The PACT Processes 




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