L&D: In 1985 I Presented on Training Paths and Using a Group Process

Back In The Day – I Talked About the Group Process

It was my first national presentation. I had made this same presentation to the NSPI Chicago Chapter the previous Fall.

By this point I had done 7 Curriculum Architecture Designs as a consultant – and a few prior to that at Motorola and Wickes Lumber before that.


I had gone the Group Process route back in 1979 when I struggled with traditional approaches and my Video Script went to the 7th rewrite. But that’s another story.

Back In The Day – I Talked About Paths Through the Curriculum

A Curriculum Architecture identifies the component modules – some might call it microlearning today. It provides for flexible, sequenced paths through the curriculum – some might call them Maps, or Menus, or Guides.


It identifies the gaps in the current state needed to help the learners on their way to create Performance Competence – for one or multiple jobs.

That’s where I look for appropriate ReUse.

Here is the 21 slide presentation – as a PowerPoint Show – it was a handout back in 1985 as the presentation was done using a double-wide flip chart easel – the tool of my trade back in the day: CAD Pres NSPI Conf 1985

A Facilitated Group Process


To Date I’ve Done 75 CAD Efforts

And it sometimes seems as if I’ve done that many conference and chapter presentations on the topics and tasks and techniques involved since 1985.

If you are interested – there are several more PowerPoint Shows on CAD and the Facilitated Group Process and other ISD and Performance Improvement topics for you to download for free – on a new page that I just started:

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