L&D: CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

For developing T&D/ Learning and Knowledge Management Paths/ Maps/ Menus/ Guides.

cad-caci-2004 for ART W 11-2010_Page_01

CAD – Phase 1

Getting the Project Steering Team in position to ensure that the effort focuses on their Critical Business Issues starts in Phase 1 of CAD – to produce performance-based T&D/L&D Paths, Maps, Menus or Guides.

The detailed CAD Project Plan is reviewed and approved/amended in the first Gate Review Meeting.

cad-caci-2004 for ART W 11-2010_Page_09

CAD – Phase 2

Getting the eventual Development Path/ Map/ Menu/ Guide focused on terminal performance and the enabling K/Ss – but not forgetting to salvage any prior investments in Content or Performance Support – happens in Phase 2 of a CAD effort.

That data is reviewed and approved/amended before going on to the next Phase.

cad-caci-2004 for ART W 11-2010_Page_10

CAD – Phase 3

Designing a Development Path/ Map/ Menu/ Guide is done using a Facilitated Group Process w/ Master Performers and others from the Analysis Team.

The Individual Planning Guide for learners & management to use to downselect & schedule is produced afterwards.

This is reviewed and approved/amended in the third Gate Review Meeting.

cad-caci-2004 for ART W 11-2010_Page_11

CAD – Phase 4

L&D: After the Path/Map is done showing the current state Content and defining all existing gaps including probable development/acquisition costs, the gaps are prioritized for build/buy by the Project Steering Team – in the final Gate Review Meeting – given the business impact potential that they see.

Gaps not targeted remain Un-Structured OJT (Informal Learning).

cad-caci-2004 for ART W 11-2010_Page_12

After a CAD effort an MCD and/or IAD efforts are started to build/buy Content – including Performance Support – per the architecture/content segmentation.

What’s on a Path/Map?

Whats On a TandD Path - from 1999



See the hundreds of FREE Resources available on this site about CAD and MCD/IAD – my PACT Processes for ISD.

From my 1985 Presentation at NSPI (now ISPI).


Wait – There’s More!

Plus the 2011 book 6 Pack for sale.

All Resources can be found in the Resource Tab.


And My First CAD Project

My First Curriculum Architecture Design – 1982 Exxon USA Exploration

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