L&D: PACT’s 5 Tier Inventory for T&D – Learning – Knowledge Management

The 5 Methodology-Sets of PACT Feed the 5 Tier Inventory

The 5 Tier Inventory organizes the Content – and gives designers something to aim for – to guide them – as they configure Content – including Performance Support (Job Aids/Performance Aids) and regular L&D Content (Micro – Mid or Macro). Of any blend.


Rather than “just do it” – and jump/lump/organized all of the needed content into any old organization scheme – my architectural approach – forces designers into a Content Configuration scheme – to facilitate lower Life Cycle Costs and lower First Costs (some of the time). To improve ROI.

Tier 1 Content

Tier 1 Content is developed for PUSH target Audiences and easily shared with PULL Target Audiences. Its modularity reflects the modularity of the organization, the products/services, the customers and markets, the suppliers, the Stakeholders, etc.


Tier 2-4-5 Content

Reflects and is modularized per the Enterprise Processes’ Performance – and the Areas of Performance (sub-Processes if you will) for the job titles involved in Performance.


Tier 3 Content

Reflects my 17 Categories of Enabling K/Ss – used in Analysis and then in Design and in Development. It’s the generic (and sometimes unique) Content – which is “made whole/applicable” in combination with the Tier 2 that precedes it – and then the Tier 4 or 5 that follows it.


Mapping the Content Into Paths/Maps

Every Map (the Path is a Map) is paired with a Specification. The former to help folks get their minds around something and the Specs to hold/present the “stinking details” as that phrase goes.

Like the Artistic Rendering of a house and the layers of Blueprints of a house are the Maps – and differ from the Materials lists and specifications for key materials (tensile strength, color, etc.).


7 Design Steps in Curriculum Architecture Design

Before Development of anything new.


The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management


Why Bother?

For the ROI.

The ROI from these 7 sources…

PACT 7 Business Reasons for Embracing

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