L&D: Quit Blaming ADDIE for Whatever

Woe Is You If ADDIE Is Your Source for Woe

Quit blaming ADDIE for your L&D issues.

It’s not ADDIE – although it may be the A in ADDIE. Your A.

Your approach to Analysis may be weak or even non-existent. Weak in that you don’t start with ideal, doable Performance as the anchor for your Learning Objectives and your Testing and your Content.

But ADDIE isn’t a methodology-set. It can frame your methodology-set. Or some other model can frame your methodology-sets.


ADDIE is the NPD Framework of Instructional Design

Yet there are others. Including mine. But back to Analysis the Front-End of an ADDIE or ADDIE-like Framework.


Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Is your Front-End fuzzy by nature?

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_product_development

Process Structure

The product development process typically consists of several activities that firms employ in the complex process of delivering new products to the market. A process management approach is used to provide a structure. Product development often overlaps much with the engineering design process, particularly if the new product being developed involves application of math and/or science. Every new product will pass through a series of stages/phases, including ideation among other aspects of design, as well as manufacturing and market introduction. In highly complex engineered products (e.g. aircraft, automotive, machinery), the NPD process can be likewise complex regarding management of personnel, milestones and deliverables. Such projects typically use an integrated product team approach. The process for managing large sale complex engineering products is much slower (often 10-plus years) than that deployed for many types of consumer goods.

Is Your Learning Context Fuzzy By Nature?

Do you address Personal Learning – or Educational Learning – or Enterprise Learning? If you address the first two – then perhaps it is fuzzier – due to the nature that it’s simply not always clear-cut. The terminal Performance Goals that is.

My past Blog Posts on the 3 Learning Contexts: here (2008), and here (2008), and here (2009), and here (2009), and here (2009), and here (2010), and here (2011).

If you are not in an Enterprise Context – or you are but the terminal performance cannot be made explicit/clear – then you are most likely dealing with a Fuzzy Front End.


My ADDIE-like Frameworks

My Fuzzy Front End is greatly minimized by careful, detailed Planning with reviews and approval/guidance by a Project Steering Team. In all three of my ISD methodology-sets.


May you be able to avoid the Fuzzy Wuzzies in your ISD/ID Practices.

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