L&D: Face Validity Isn’t the Same as Task Validity

Topics Are At Best Enablers of Tasks

Topics may sound reasonable – because you know that they have the chance to enable Task Performance.


But if they never get to “How to Apply – you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. Which might be quite doable.

But not for everything. Not for the tricky stuff. Not for the Business Critical stuff.


Often the Learner figures out that they have to figure it out on their own – when it’s too late. The investment in time has been made.


Look closely at the Topics being offered. See if they get into enabling Tasks that are close enough to what you’ll need.


Understand you own Performance Competence requirements before shopping Content that might have Face Validity – but not the Task Validity that you require – or you’ll simply be wasting your time and someone else’s money.

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