L&D: Size Matters

I wish we in ISD were much more concerned w/ impact versus length.

Size matters indeed. But 2 hr modules reduced to 1 hr modules reduced to bite-sized modules – isn’t the same as Right-Sized modular content, including Performance Support, that enables Measured Results in on-the-job Performance capability.


Sometimes the content can be micro. And other times that might be insufficient when it comes to being Effective.

The 2 Hour Trap

I always cringe when I see or hear about a Curriculum or a Collection or a Path of 2 hour modules. Or when they’re all 1 hour.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!! (Buy a Lottery Ticket because something is going on!)

And … Modules of some magical, common length are not the answer. Modular Content probably is. For First/Initial Learning and spaced Follow-Up/Reinforcement – which is sometimes micro in my view. Unless of course the job itself reinforces it well enough, often enough, to get the job done.

What job?

Achieving Performance Competence.

Via an Engineering/Architectural approach … IMO/IMExperience.


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