L&D: Best Practices From Benchmarking

I Believe in Best Practices

When I wrote my Books, Articles and Blog Posts – I intended to share my Best Practices.

When I crafted my Presentations for Conferences and Chapters and Online delivery – I intended to share my Best Practices. When I created my Audio Podcasts and Videos – I intended to share my Best Practices.

As a successful external consultant in the Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management and Performance Improvement spaces – since 1982 – serving 85 clients – I have some things to share:

What works, When and How – and Where and with Who – so to speak.


I believe other authors and presenters are doing the same. Sharing Best Practices.

For others to Adopt and or Adapt.

As Always – as a Blend – of Adopt and Adapt.

Even if they aren’t always crystal clear about that aspect.

From:  The Pennsylvania State University

From this PDF I found Online. After looking for Robert Camp’s 1989 book on Benchmarking – which I used to own – but now cannot find – Onshelves.

Someone probably benchmarked it. And adopted it as their own. :)

Here are THE Penn State U’s 5 Phases – note my highlighting of Phase 3:


In Phase 3 They Suggest Adopt (Apply) or Adapt

I take Apply as Adopt “As Is.”


Back in the Day – Robert Camp Popularized Benchmarking for Best Practices

Even back in 1989 we learned as we took breaths of air. Continuously. Formally and Informally. It was even Modern then – back in the day. But we used mostly paper and not screens of electrons. That was modern. We read within our Professional Domain and external to it.


When I read Camp’s book – back in 1989 – as my clients at General Dynamics were all reading it – there was one takeaway that I caught – that others even back then did not always catch – was that no one should blindly adopt someone else’s best practices.

Although there might be some aspect that you could adopt rather than adapt.

But the general understanding – even way back then – to those who read it carefully enough – was that adaptation was going to be the largest share between Adopt and Adapt.

In My 2001 Book: T&D Systems View

I included Benchmarking in the R&D processes within T&D/L&D.

After finding some processes/practices with promise, you’d test them out…



That’s still true today – and if I might I hazard a guess – it will be true far into the future.

# # #

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