L&D: Where Is the Performance Support for the Performance Supporter?

Where Is Your Performance Support for the Supervisors, Managers, Directors and Executives of the Enterprise?

Mostly – it simply doesn’t exist in my experience.


This is the CORE portion of any manager’s job – in my L-C-S Areas of Performance Framework.


Planning Work

This is where the Supervisor/Manager can/should think about stretch assignments and developmental assignments to grow the skills of their staff via the “70” and their coaching/mentoring others – the “20.”

Besides of course, the basic blocking-and-tackling of planning to get the work done – the routine work and the non-routine work. That too!


Assigning Work

How to determine the need to be more Crystal Clear than usual and how to employ Active Listening when making assignments.


Monitoring Work

This is easier of course, if the Supervisor/Manager did the jobs to be monitored before becoming a Supervisor/Manager. If not – they’ll need some help in that – or they just might “shy away” from doing this important part of their job – with its negative impact to Enterprise Process Performance.


Troubleshooting Work

Again, this is easier if the Supervisor/Manager did this back in the day. This might require general/generic Troubleshooting skills and/or specifics regarding what typically goes wrong and how to avoid it and what to do if unavoidable.


Performance Support for the Performance Supporters

First – FLIP the 70-20-10 Reference Model. Think about the 10-20-70 version – and don’t latch onto the numbers as ratios with any real meaning. It’s not a goal. It’s not backed by research about “what should be” – it reflects “what is/was” for a very small segment of managers. But if you can’t lose the numbers – flip them.

Do most of the 10 before most of the 20 before most of the 70.


Provide the “10”performance-based formal training & development … with appropriate Practice & Feedback – and not just learning via e-learning that cannot facilitate said Practice & Feedback for the kinds of knowledge/skills as they are applied on-the-job.

Provide the “20” – less-informal/somewhat-formal performance-based Coaching and Mentoring to new and existing Managers (including Supervisors).

Provide the “70” – the Enterprise-wide expectations and infrastructure and recognition & rewards to both demand and enable and reward the Informal Learning needs. Continuous Nudging. Continuous Monitoring. Continuous Reinforcement.

My 2011 Book On This


For information on this book, and/or to order it – click on:

Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence (2011) – as Paperback and Kindle

– a model for individual use or Enterprise-wide use to define a Manager’s Performance Competence requirements, assess for improvement areas, and then develop a Management Development Plan.

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