L&D: Most IceBreakers Leave Me Cold

Ice Breakers – Icebreakers

Break the Ice.

Provide an Advanced Organizer besides facilitating a get-to-know-each-other.


As I wrote in this Blog Post – here – I sometimes begin with an APPO – an Application Exercise – one that mirrors the authentic Performance requirements back on-the-job. Or a slice of that.

Even before the session gets into the what and how that is to be covered?


It works as a great Advanced Organizer. It shows everyone who already knows what. It helps people gauge their incoming knowledge and skills – which of course can be threatening – so you have to be carefull.

Fun? Engaging?

Authentic Performance should be engaging all by itself. making a game of it might make it fun. But fun isn’t always the goal.


And from THE Master of Games – Thiagi – there’s: HELLO: here.

Here are some additional ideas from Mark Isabella and The Thiagi Group: here. Mark writes:

 Immediate-involvement icebreakers, which get participants to dive into program content without delay, typically consist of questions for learners to reflect on and discuss.

Full Disclosure: I am a big fan of this guy named Sivasailam Thiagarajan. You might know him as Thiagi. Big fan. 


As the title suggests in “Icebreakers Help Create a Rich Learning Atmosphere” – it can indeed. See that Post: here.

And another suggestion – here – from Trainers Warehouse.

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