L&D: It’s Not Fire-Aim-Ready

At Least Most of the Time

It’s Ready – Aim – Fire. Even in Learning.


If you don’t know what you are to learn – you’ll likely miss again and again.


Some times there is no time to refer to a Job Aid.


Some things just need to be trained and then learned to be a reflex.


Firing before aiming before being ready – can lead to costly mistakes.


It can lead to dangerous, unsafe practices.


It can lead to cold storage Learning.


It can also lead to frustrating Learning Experiences. And embarrassments.

Being asked to do things before one is ready – is exactly backwards – unless it’s being used to help determine who might already know this so  they can then be used/leveraged in the remaining INFO-DEMOs-APPOs – By Design.

And to help the learners gauge exactly where they are on the learning curve ahead – as an Advanced Organizer.

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