L&D: Mapping Performance Competence Development

Performance Competence Is…

The Ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements.

L&D that addresses that – is the Result of Performance & Enabler Analysis.


See the two complete sets of Analysis data after these 7 PowerPoint Shows on CAD…

7 PowerPoint Shows on CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – From 1985 to 2018

CAD Pres NSPI Conf 1985 – 1st National Presentation on Curriculum Architecture Design via a Group Process (1st presentation was at NSPI Chicago in the Fall of 1984) that reference Flexible, Sequenced Curriculum Paths.

lean-ISD for Training 1998 – Presentation about Curriculum Architecture Design at the Training Conference in 1998

CAD – ISPI Columbus 1999 – Curriculum Architecture Design at ISPI Columbus 1999

CAD – NC ISPI 2000 – Curriculum Architecture Design at ISPI North Carolina Chapter 2000

CAD – ISPI 2004 Fall Conf – Curriculum Architecture Design at the 2004 ISPI Fall Conference


An Engineering-Architectural Approach to Modular L&D – 2018 Version of The PACT Processes. 30 slides – mostly self-explanatory – providing an overview of PACT’s CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design, and MCD – Modular Curriculum Development processes.

ISD at 3 Levels 2018-02-18 – This presentation is part of the offer I am making to companies for an inhouse session F2F or Online for 2018. See details – here.

Analysis Data Example PowerPoint Shows

The Analysis data becomes the Inputs to the Design of Your Performance Competence Development Path or Map or Menu or Roadmap. Etc.


Examples of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data – PPT Show – 2018 Blog Post Slides – Data from my project back in the day: 1986.

Example 2 of Sales Performance and Knowledge & Skills Data – 2018 Blog Post Slides – Data from my project back in the day: 1993.

Data Utility Beyond Instruction

This data feeds more than just T&D/L&D…


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