L&D: A Little More About Organizing L&D Content

Creating Modular Paths of Modular Events of Modular Lessons of Modular Instructional Activities of Modular Content Components

Note: These graphics are a hodge podge from other posts.

The ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture is 1/4th of my organizing scheme for Content for L&D stuff – including Analysis templates and data, Design templates and data, Developed content (for updating and ReUse, Lessons Learned, etc., etc.


That’s The Source and/or The Storage Place – for much of what gets put into Paths, Events, Lessons, Instructional Activities and Components.


Sometimes you can ReUse Content “As Is” – and other times it can be used “After Modification” – or a blend.

Take Active Listening – good since the days of Socrates – where the core of what it is and some general examples can probably be used “As Is” – saving First Costs – and saving Life Cycle Costs by avoiding unnecessary future Life Cycle Costs for redundant administration, monitoring, storage, maintenance and removal. Etc.

But you need more than those generic basics – to move the Performance Competency needle – you’ll need some authentic Examples, Information, Demonstration and Application Exercises – with Practice & Feedback.

THAT’S the difference IMO between Content Generally Available – and Good-to-Great performance-based Instruction. A.K.A.: L&D/T&D/KMS Content.


Keeping It Current After Ensuring It Is Authentic

Don’t Build It or Buy It or Curate It unless you are willing to resource those Life Cycle Costs. Leave it to Informal (the 70 and 20) and even avoid the First Costs.


Performance Competence Is the Goal

And if the 70 or 20 won’t get that done effectively or efficiently enough – address it with Formal, performance-based Content.


And as always…


# # #


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