L&D: When to Go Forward With Performance Support and L&D Content


Got a Request?

Is everyone – customer and supplier – in sync with the terminal goals and how they will be Measured? With what Outputs are expected? With what Tasks will lead to those Outputs? Who is in and not in the Target Audience?


Proceed with Caution!

Design it. Develop it.

And … just because one SME says so – is no reason to take their word for it. Experts are operating on nonconscious knowledge and can miss up to 70% of what a novice will need.

Use an approach that addresses that reality. And perhaps you’d better run a Pilot Test before any full scale launch.



Post Pilot Test – conduct any Revisions and then Release it to your audience per the Plan.

You did have a plan for that, didn’t you?


My Version of NPD – New Product Development for Instructional Content – MCD

MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition. A version of ADDIE if you will.


Graphic from 2002.

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