L&D: Moving Away From the Sage on the Stage. Kinda.

Most Of Us Have Heard This At Conferences

That the Sage on the Stage is bad.

Not that lectures don’t work.


But the Irony Is Deep

They just aren’t good for everything. Welding for example.


And Deeper

But they do serve a purpose. They can inform and create awareness. And they can educate to create knowledge. But training for skills?


And Even Deeper

I’ve often wondered, given all the bashing, how the hell NASA got us to the moon … and back … after all those lectures their engineers had to endure in their educational pursuits.

Perhaps the Sage on the Stage was seen as part of the mix, as part of the continuum, from Awareness to Knowledge to Skills and finally to Performance Competence development.


So … maybe they do work. But maybe only for the truly motivated.

And not for those looking to be entertained in their educational path.

# # #

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