L&D: Survey Says – February

The Results Are In – February’s L&D Curating Survey

Meager results – from only 19 respondents – during the month of February 2018. But here goes…

My Goal was to get a sense about the Practice of Curating Content in L&D. I’ve heard and read comments about the end product being a “jumbled mess” – my words. As someone who has had a “Repository Structure” for T&D Content since the days of paper masters in metal file cabinets (since the mid 1980s) I was wondering what others – besides my own clients – were using.

The Simple Survey of 5 Questions

Q1: Do you use a Model of Performance or Task Requirements to guide your Curation efforts?
– Yes: 7
– No: 10
– Sometimes: 2
– Most of the time: 0

– Both, what is the model… outputs and what tasks /steps requried to reach that model
– Don’t know what that is

Q2: Do you use a List of Topics to guide your Curation efforts?
– Yes: 13
– No: 3
– Sometimes: 2
– Most of the time: 1

– Looking for research-based evidence to share…

Q3: Do you organize the Content Curated using a model of Performance or Task requirements to help Users find the Content?
– Yes: 6
– No: 8
– Sometimes: 5
– Most of the time: 0

– Depends on the need and distribution methods. While organized, they might not be completely organized under performance/task. Just depends on client needs.

Q4: Do you organize the Content Curated using a list of Topics?
– Yes: 10
– No: 2
– Sometimes: 4
– Most of the time: 3

– Not intentionally, but organically, I think…
– Organized by topics and subtopics

Q5: How do you seek feedback from users about what you curate?
– Random surveys once a month
– I don’t, but I should.
– Surveys
– All for it and make it easy to give at anytime
– We don’t. :-(
– Rating system on the content. User groups.
– 1) Look at what they’re doing and what is “alive” for the group. 2) Value check-ins 3) user representation in content creation.
– twitter, linked in comments, conference presentations…
– Editbot utility
– We don’t essentially do any true curation.
– involve them in the development and curation process. In many cases they own the content OR they need to develop and own the content.
– Survey monkey 1 on 1 discussions Supervisor feedback
– Feedback option on every page
– SME review, other stakeholder reviews. Usually, I’m afforded the time/ability to pilot test things for further formative tweaking.
– With surveys, and seeing if they actually enters the contents (tracking in LMS)

My Summary & Comments

Like most of the T&D I have come across in my consulting practice – it would seem that a Topic Orientation – versus a Task Orientation – dominates Curation Practices – for both collection and organization.

I have assessed collections of content over 125 times – in over 125 projects – since the early 1980s – as one of 4 analysis methods in the Analysis Phase of my CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design and MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition efforts. MCD is my equivalent of ADDIE.

And what I most always find – are Content – with labels and outlines and actual content – that are Topic Oriented versus Task Oriented. And of course, the Topics would all have Face Validity – in that people would nod their heads saying, but of course. you’d need to know that.

Seldom however, is “How You Apply This Topic To Your Tasks” covered.

A Task-Oriented Framework for Tasks and Topics

It’s my 5 Tier Inventory Framework/Structure. There is a master version for the entire Enterprise – and a version for each Job Title or Department.

Here are some graphics from a prior post.


Think: Bookending the Topic-Oriented content of Tier 3 – with Task-Oriented content Tier 2 on the front-end and Tier 4/5 on the back-end.


Tier 2 Content – could easily be called “Advanced Organizers on What It’s All About” – and the Tier 4 or 5 ContentHow to Do It – No Kidding.”

Because if you don’t tell me why I need to learn this topic and that topic – spreadsheets and active listening – in the Advanced Organizer – I might not walk away with what I need to learn how to Perform the authentic Tasks of my job. I may not have been focused or motivated or whatever.

Thank You to All Who Participated

Even though it was/is a very small sampling size.

How does this stack up against your Experiences – and/or your organization’s Practices?

Now Up: The March Survey

L&D Survey 2018-03 Request Intake Process

L&D: Please Complete This Simple 5 Question L&D Survey: Request Intake Process.

This Survey Monkey Survey Closes at 10 pm (EST) March 31, 2018. But please – do it now – if you can! Thank you!

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X6X8FWC

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