L&D: Example Analysis Reports & Design Documents From 1980-1990

I Was Either a Supporter or the Lead on These Projects

1980 at Wickes Lumber

1980 Wickes – Final Report on the Analysis of the Inventory Clerk Position

This resulted in both a Course and Performance Support (Job Aids) and some Performance Improvement efforts by the department in charge of Inventory (Merchandising) after the Analysis was reviewed by Division Management.

Note the use of the Performance Table – a derivative of a derivative of the tool of Rummler and Gilbert. This was my first project as lead but my boss’ name went on those Performance Table charts. This, done for the Inventory Management Clerk position, was my 3rd big project addressing an entire job – after Contractor Sales and then Inside Sales.

The late Gail Tornga taught me how to conduct the Analysis interviews in the field as we traveled coast to coast to key Wickes Lumber Centers.

1981 at Motorola

1981 MTEC Wallace Analysis Report – ABCs of Supervision

This was my effort for Supervisors in the many Manufacturing sites (over 30) at Motorola. I ran into trouble with the wording of the Accomplishments – Noun-Verb – as my manufacturing clients didn’t talk like that. (Lesson Learned – I quit doing that and started to use their language.)

This Analysis eventually led to a Design Document – and my 1st modular Curriculum Path – for these Supervisors – of mostly Self-Paced Training. Unfortunately, I lost the Design Doc and Path artifact a long time ago.

1983 at R. A. Svenson & Associates

I worked with Ray Svenson to support his lead efforts on this Curriculum Architecture Design effort. I ended up helping to do the micro-designs after this project for many of the Courses in this Architecture.

1983 MCC Powers HVAC Basics Tech Trng Plan for Branches

1987 at R. A. Svenson & Associates

This project was started due to the 1986 Challenger accident.

1987 NASA Eng Mgmt CAD Analysis Report

I was brought in after the Analysis effort to facilitate the Curriculum Architecture Design meeting. It was the only meeting where members the assembled Team cried every time something came up reminding them of that tragedy.

NASA Curr Arch Design Doc 1987

1990 at Svenson & Wallace, Inc.

This was my first formal attempt to extend my Curriculum Architecture Design via a Group Process into my version of ADDIE: MCD – Modular Curriculum Development – resulting in what soon became the Lesson Map and Specifications for a modular Event.

1990 Ill Bell Labor Relations Detailed Design Document

Right after the project I made updates in language/labels for the Design Outputs – including an Event Map and Specification, a Lesson Map and Specification, and the Instructional Activity Specification (no Map was needed IMO – although one could have been created).

Bonus from 2003

For the complete set of outputs from a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design project – done for Production Supervisors and Zone Managers at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard – please go to this Blog Post from 2016…

L&D: Example Outputs from a Curriculum Architecture Design from 2003

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