L&D: Flip It – Flip It ASAP

Ignore the Numbers – They Just Get In the Way

Size Matters and So Does Sequence.


Help Performers Avoid Inadvertently Learning Poor Practices

Starting with the 70 or 20 can lead to ineffective and inefficient Learning. Perhaps Guy can learn via trial and error or asking someone else.

And maybe it works most of the time – but is still fraught with legal and/or safety issues beyond the effectiveness and efficiency issues. What’s at Risk? What’s the Reward for being better?

Let the Risks and Rewards – two sides of the same coin IMO – guide you and your efforts.

When should you care about the 70 or the 20?

After all of the 10 have been addressed. And maintained. And not until after that. After all – the Risks and Rewards dictate the focus on the 10.

Neither the 20 or the 70 automatically provide authentic Practice with timely and valid Feedback – all of the time – which is only a real problem if the performance is both tricky and of consequence.

Luckily – some of the things/resources that management of the Performers needs to put into place to support the high Risk and high Reward performance requirements – will help with the 70 and the 20 … or with the 20 and then the 70. You can provide counsel – but this is the responsibility of management – not L&D/T&D. IMO.

Here is a past Post on that: https://eppic.biz/2017/11/19/ld-enabling-better-70-in-the-flipped-10-20-70-model/

Size Matters and So Does Sequence

Instruction – courses or resources – should be Right-Sized not just Micro. The size necessary to get the Performer ready for the real-world job context. That might be Macro in size – relatively speaking.

And … the more Macro the Initial learning may need to be … the more Micro Spaced Learning for reinforcement may be required. In other words…

More Macro – More Micro.

And it should all be in the right sequence – although there may be many sequences/paths to follow that would/could work equally well.


That’s why I espouse:

Most 10 Before Most 20 Before Most 70

If you are going to use the numbers. Just remember that those numbers came from opinions of some of their current state – not an ideal state. BIG DIFF if you ask me.

Ultimately – Be a Business Champion

Firstly and Lastly.

To Protect and Improve the Enterprise.

Flip It!

Flip the Reference Model to 10-20-70 – if you’ve got to use the numbers.

Focus on the high Risk and high Reward Processes’ Outputs and Tasks … and the Performers responsible for them.

Provide Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management content that is oriented not to Topics – but to Tasks.

Measure success using the client’s current business metrics – or help them establish them – and point to them for successes or missing the mark.

Use your L&D/T&D metrics for improving your own processes and keep those to yourself – because nobody else cares about them – as is appropriate.

Be a Business Champion First – Be a performance-based Learning/Training Champion Second – and Be a Business Champion Third.

# # #

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