L&D: Content Authenticity Is All About the Performance Competence Requirements

Too Often L&D Content Is On Topics vs Tasks

Topics with Face Validity. Topics that sound reasonable – and perhaps are.

But Topics without a Task Orientation.


Face Validity Isn’t Performance Validity

And your clients don’t think about that – usually. Lucky you if they do and challenge you to make it real – make it authentic – make it go beyond the Topic to How To Apply This In The Task(s).


I Was Lucky in 1979

When I joined a T&D Organization. They were all about Rummler, Gilbert, Mager and Harless.

The first book I read was Mager & Pipe’s Analyzing Performance Problems – and the second book was Gilbert’s Human Competence.

They are still valid today – especially the first book. Read that Mager & Pipe book if you haven’t.

Gilbert’s book may be difficult to get through – it took me 3 attempts – and I always recommended starting at chapter 10 and then circling back to 1 after the last chapter.

Or instead of Human Competence – jump to Patti Shank’s “Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning” – a great book to get that Performance orientation IMO.


And there are, of course, my own articles, books, book chapters too. See the Resource Tab for FREE article PDFs, PowerPoint Shows, Presentations, audio podcasts, videos, and Free book PDFs … and links to those books that are for sale.

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